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Our Story

From the aftermath and rebuilding of WWII, David Lawrence Watches was borne out of a chance meeting of two like-minded Men, both Time Piece enthusiasts in 1951. Ernest Shinwell and David Lawrence recognised watch makers of their time realized both had similar views as to the future of wrist watches and set about designing and manufacture of the "perfect wrist watch". From those humble beginnings grew the luxury brand that it is today with an emphasis on design, style, precision, quality but at an affordable price point. Manufacturing Fine Quality, Luxury Watches from Europe to USA and now a concentration on e-commerce (online)retailing to provide instant access to these Fine Time Pieces internationally.
David Lawrence Watches are now only available on-line to ensure consumers have the opportunity to purchase luxury watches at a sensible, affordable price. We ship to every country around the World.
Luxury Watches for Men, Luxury Watches for Women
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